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Albania’s southern coastline, with its lovely traditional hamlets, cobblestoned streets and small Orthodox churches, has plenty of beautiful beaches lapped by pristine waters, rivalling nearby Greece for half the price. And if you get your fill of coastal bays, you can head for the natural springs near Saranda – Albania has plenty of surprises


The city of Vlore in the coast of Albania is combination of beach life and city holiday, and your entry point to the picturesque South Albania. Its famous for its culture as the place where the first Albanian government was formed the succeed to get Independent from ottoman empire in 1912.



Is a place where the sun stretches across the deep sea, where there are splendid configurations of rocky and isolated small beaches, and the mountains and hillsides are covered in Mediterranean vegetation with charming villages constructed between the mountains and sea.



Saranda is the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera,. What was once a sleepy fishing village is now a thriving city, and while Saranda has lost much of its quaintness in the past two decades, it has retained much of its charisma. nearby is the blue eye and lots of small bays.

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