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Explore Colourful Albanian Alps, Komani Lake & Shala River

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“Stop dreaming about your bucket list, start living it” 

– Annette White 

Albania will take you through fjords and valleys, to the freshest rivers, remote villages, steep mountains, and coastline bays.

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Accursed mountains Trek

Wild Tour Albania is a fantastic way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Albanian Alps in all its natural glory. Offering an unforgettable 5-day eco-and-cultural tour, you can immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings of lake Komani while discovering the freshest rivers, remote villages, and steep mountains that the region has to offer. Across four nights and five days, you'll not only get to revel in the magnificence of raw nature, but you'll also gain a unique understanding of the local culture and history that makes this area so special. With knowledgeable guides on hand to answer any questions and provide fascinating insights into your surroundings, this is an experience that will leave you feeling revitalized, enriched, and deeply connected to the wonders of Albania. So, why wait? Book now and be prepared to be dazzled!

Albanian Riviera

Albania’s southern coastline, with its lovely traditional hamlets, cobblestoned streets and small Orthodox churches, has plenty of beautiful beaches lapped by pristine waters, rivalling nearby Greece for half the price. And if you get your fill of coastal bays, you can head for the natural springs near Saranda– Albania has plenty of surprises.

Komani Lake & Shala River

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with us as we take you on a daily tour of Shala River through the picturesque Koman Lake by boat. Start your day off in Shkodra by meeting us bright and early at 08:00 in the morning at Nicko Bar Joker Shkoder. From there, we'll transport you by bus up the scenic mountains for two hours until we reach Komani. During our journey, we'll make a quick stop at the terminal for a refreshing coffee break. At 10:00 am, our exciting boat tour begins, allowing you to bask in the beauty of wild alpine scenery. We'll provide drinks on the boat, as well as delicious fruits sourced from nearby villages to add to the overall experience. Once we arrive at Shala River, we'll treat you to a sumptuous lunch at the peaceful Blini Park. Take your time to unwind for around 2 hours by swimming, canoeing, or opting for a relaxing hike on one of the nearby trails. As we prepare to journey back, we'll follow the same scenic route back to Shkodra, where we plan to arrive between 5:30 pm-6:00 pm. Don't miss out on this terrific experience of a lifetime that you'll cherish forever!

Grand tour of Albania

How exciting! You are considering embarking on a grand tour of Albania for an impressive 12 nights, travelling from one beautiful and unique location to another. Starting off in the charming city of Shkoder, you will then journey through the awe-inspiring Theth National Park and the breathtaking Valbona Valley. Get ready to experience the refreshing waters and picturesque scenery of the Shala River, before moving on to discover the quaint and historically rich cities of Kruje, Berat and Gjirokaster. After soaking up the culture and history, make your way to the stunning coastal towns of Sarande and Himare, before ending your journey in the bustling capital city of Tirana. Each destination on your itinerary is sure to be a unique and unforgettable experience, leaving you with unforgettable memories of your grand tour of Albania.

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